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Frequently Asked Questions

All Personas are hosted within our Google Manager account. By linking your Google Ads account, Personas will be immediately available to you in your Audience Manager section. No other integration or permissions will be required. Start selecting relevant Personas into your campaigns and launch.

Once you have completed your subscription process, you will receive a Link Request from Google in your registered email for your Ad account within 24 hours. Simply click ACCEPT REQUEST to initiate the link.

Our Persona audiences will be available to you immediately after successful linking of your account.

Definitely not. Linking Google Ad accounts is a common process between advertisers and agencies. Permissions are limited to campaign level access and audience sharing. This is a secure channel between you and AirPersona.

AirPersonas are audiences aggregated from our global Publisher network and segmented based on contextual engagements and purchase action.

Our methodology comprises of matching user engagements, product-needs satisfaction, consumer research and purchase behavior to establish Personas. Using these qualification metrics, we establish Personas, enriched with psychographic descriptions to empower advertisers in creating highly relevant ads and reach.

Apart from being able to target the individual Persona user directly, Personas are submitted as cohorts, similar to Google’s FLoC, which will expand into massive similar audiences in any markets within the Google Network.

Similar to Affinity Ads, we provide audience data by submitting audience profiles instead of interests and keywords.

Google will leverage data from Personas to extend and reach qualified audiences based on the cohort learnings into the massive Google network and Exchanges via DV360

On the contrary, AirPersona is a viable solution as Chrome moves to becoming Cookie-less in 2023.

Our Persona audiences are aggregated from contextual engagements and tracked within Google. Aligned with Google’s FLoC initiaitives, audiences are segmented into Persona groups, qualified uniquely by AirPersona methodologies based on site behavior and content / product engagement. No user data are being extracted nor used in building Persona audiences. Fully compliant to international privacy and data use standards.

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