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Core Benefits

Stop Carpet Bombing Demographics

Start engaging purchase intent and consumer needs beyond demographic parameters

Create your Audience Cohorts

Select from 100+ Persona audiences and create your own cohorts for your Ad groups

Stop Wasting Money on Audience Data

Millions of ready Consumer Personas curated for your campaigns. Start saving time and money

Qualified Persona Retargeting

Retarget qualified audiences segmented based on Contextual and Behavioral mapping

Quick and Easy Access

Simply link your Ad account with AdPersona and access the complete suite of Persona audiences

100% GDPR Compliant

No user data necessary in retargeting. All audiences are secure within Google's Ad environment

Stop "Carpet Bombing" A Demography. Reach The Consumer Personas Inside

Target Personas

Uniquely Curated Psychographic Reach

AdPersona audiences are curated from contextual and behavioral matching. Directly target consumer intent instead of superficial device and demographic data


Higher CTRs
Lower CPCs

Intelligently personalize Ads based on consumer emotional appeal and considerations. Start seeing better ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) on Google CPM campaigns

Engaging Site

Personalize Landing Pages

Direct specific Personas to respective landing pages that addresses Persona Needs and Concerns. Positively impact purchase considerations

Create your ideal Personas and map similar audiences worldwide

Mapping consumer Personas into global traffic sources

Direct Audience Reach | Google Cohort Extended Reach | Exchange Traffic

Affordable Access to Qualified Persona Data

Complete with Insights for Personalization and Customization

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Intelligently Target Consumers And Let Google Do The Rest

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"A Unique Approach to Targeting on Google"

AdPersona reduces the need to purchase and segment user data on DMPs and site data. Its so simple and it allows me to focusing on optimizing my site content and ad strategies

Collin March


"It really works!"

Personas are well mapped and it makes a difference when we know who we are communicating with online. Seeing results from D2 of launch. Running multiple customer campaigns concurrently


Customer & Partner

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