Audience targeting is most critical in digital advertising. Being able to communicate with consumers effectively can unilaterally determine the closing of a sale or user action. 

We introduce Personas to strengthen this important aspect of audience communication by appealing uniquely to their emotional and psychological idiosyncrasies, transcending demographic limitations and stereotypes.

What are Personas?

how does persona benefit your campaigns?


customised messages based on Persona goals, concerns and needs help establish emotional relevance between consumers and products. 

Most online buyers are emotional buyers so convince them by speaking their "language"


intelligently schedule ads to reach your customers when they are ready to sit back and do some online shopping. 

You do not want to reach buyers when they are too busy to make a decision, or when the baby is crying.


showcase your site to positively impact purchase considerations and influences. 

You will be surprised how customers can be subconsciously motivated to act when they feel secure, trusted and comfortable

adpersona platform


Automated application of Persona onto campaigns by filtering product function, fulfilment and cost. 

Your own digital marketer

Goal Oriented

Unique set up process that seamlessly launches objective-based Google Ad campaigns with specific requirements to achieve desired goals.

Your own digital campaign assistant.

Automated Rules

17 automated rules to help monitor and adjust your campaigns to ensure top performances. 

Your own digital media manager.


Automated configurations implemented to campaign settings based on selected objectives and Personas. 

Your own digital campaign strategist. 


Automated recommendations based on objectives, products and Personas integrated into campaign settings to achieve optimal results.

Your own digital consultant.


Integrated directly to Google and Facebook, the platform sets up campaigns on both channels, synchronising search, display and social strategies.

Your own digital media planner.

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