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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All subscriptions will be granted a 7-Day Trial that commences on the next day of Subscription.

During the trial period, you will have full access to all Persona audiences to be applied to your campaigns. As a value-added service, you may participate in a “Before & After” Challenge program that provides a comparative analysis on campaign and site performance before and after implementing our Persona audiences.

All Persona audiences are made available via your Google Ad account. Simply link with our Google Manager account and get immediate access to all Persona audiences. Below are the steps to linking your Google Ad account with AirPersona

  • During the subscription process, you will need to submit your Google Ad ID that you are using to run your Google Campaigns. (This ID can be found on the Top Right corner of your Google Ad Account after you log in.)
  • When your subscription has been confirmed, you will receive an email request from Google for the approval to link your Ad Account to our Manager Account.
  • Once approved, you will have immediate access to All available Personas in your Audience Manager section under Tools on your Google Ad Account.

All Persona audiences can be implemented on any campaign running on your Google Ad account except Smart Campaigns that are managed by Google. Audiences can also be applied to DV360 and YouTube campaigns as well

Currently, only credit card payments are acceptable. More options may be available in the following weeks. Should you require other transaction channels, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

The “Before & After” Challenge is a comparative analysis report showcasing the performance of your campaigns and site prior and after implementing Personas, enabling you to evaluate if Persona audiences works to you.

The 3rd party tracking solution used in the report is Google Analytics (GA). GA integration will be required to ensure transparency on monitoring and reporting site performances. Google Analytics & integration instructions

Once GA has been successfully integrated, site performances will be tracked over 5 campaign days and a report will be generated for review.

Additional Information:

  • Customers that successfully launched the Challenge will also enjoy an additional 3 days of Free Trial
  • Participating customers will receive a FREE B&A Comparative Analysis tracked and measured by Google Analytics after 5 days of tracking

Customers can clearly see improvements in Site Performance, eCPM, CTRs, and eCPCs