Managed Services

Maximise Persona campaigns with Managed360 Run customized 360 Persona-centric campaigns with our team of experts to maximize the full potential of Personas.


Managed360 Uniquely Curated Personas, Dynamic Ad Creation And Personalized Site Engagement Strategies To Maximize Campaigns Performance

Don't Just Target Personas. Run A Persona-Centric Marketing Strategy

From curating and targeting Personas to customizing landing pages and site content, our specialists teams are here to help manage and ensure your Persona campaigns are 360 optimized.

Managed360 On Unique Personas

Establish customer profiles that may requires your products & services.

Build consumer Persona parameters from product brief & purchase data.

Customize unique Personas respective to your product mix from raw audience segments.

Managed360 On Ad Creative

Serve Personalized Ads that establish emotional attachment with your customers.
Recommended Ad Formats to maximize display opportunities on Mobile and Desktop

Coordinate Persona specific imagery and text on Google’s Responsive Ads.

Managed360 On Site Strategy

Plan multiple site entry strategies based on each Persona visitor traffic to optimize site engagement & product browsing.
Build specific landing pages respective to each Persona Ad campaign to strengthen site credibility and relevance.

Copywriting product descriptions to address Persona needs, concerns, motivations and influencers that drive purchase intent.

Google Ads

If You Are Spending Over $10,000 On Google Ads And Looking To Improve And Scale Your Business, Request For A Consult Today With One Of Our Specialists

Starter Managed360 Packages Are Also Available For Lower Ad Spends Looking To Scale With AirPersona

450 Million+



Curated Personas

3,234+ LIVE


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You need to subscribe for AirPersona access in order to request for Managed360

Yes. As Managed360 is a dedicated service, there will be monthly ad spend expectations and service contract duration.


Details on minimum ad spend and service commitments will depend on the level of customization, ad management and number of products our specialists have to work on. Requirements and expectations will be proposed in the final managed service contract customised to meet your requirements. Exit clauses will be available as well based on performance and KPIs.

Managed360 are charged based on Impressions or Clicks reported on your Google Ad campaigns

CPM and CPC rates will be proposed during the final Specialist consultation prior to launching your Persona campaigns. Total fees will be consolidated at the end of each month and will be invoiced to your company by AirPersona

We provide payment terms between 7 days – 30 days from the 1st of the invoiced month. A mandatory credit application process will be required when on-boarding into the program. Term duration will be dependent on projected Ad spend and credibility of your company based on our 3rd party credit check recommendations.

Payment term duration will be confirmed upon contracting into Managed360 and stated on your monthly invoices.

There are no strict limits to how many products or ad campaigns you can run with our Managed360 specialists.

Your expectations and requirements will be consolidated and proposed in the final service contract. Service Fees will be adjusted accordingly and fairly to ensure we allocate ample resources to support your marketing objectives.

Yes. Provided the other accounts are subscribed to AirPersona and has access to Persona audience.
Also, all campaigns in the other accounts have to be marketing the same landing pages and site domains registered within the service contract.

Requirements can be made know to our specialists and we will try to accommodate.

Managed360 is available for all businesses that are currently running or intend to run ad campaigns on Google.

However, our specialists take into consideration on ad budgets, product site, product genre and targeted markets before proposing a suitable service contract.

We may reject companies when our specialists are not confident of customer’s coordination, commitments to marketing and other performance related reasons to avoid any disappointment in the future.

Regarding details on Personas and audiences, plesae refer to AirPersona in the site menu for details

For subscription queries, please refer to Our Services in the menu for details.

On the contrary, AirPersona is a viable solution as Chrome moves to becoming Cookie-less in 2023.

Our Persona audiences are aggregated from contextual engagements and tracked within Google. Aligned with Google’s FLoC initiaitives, audiences are segmented into Persona groups, qualified uniquely by AirPersona methodologies based on site behavior and content / product engagement. No user data are being extracted nor used in building Persona audiences. Fully compliant to international privacy and data use standards.

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